ROBAR Industries Ltd. - Waterworks Manufacturing & Iron & Steel Foundry - SINCE 1958
Cast & Fabricated Pipe Products. We also manufacture Logging & Industrial products.

ROBAR began operations in 1958.

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We currently operate four divisions:

:: Design and manufacture a wide variety of cast and fabricated fittings for municipal distribution of water and sewer.

Foundry :: A full service casting and forging manufacturing division with extensive experience producing parts for the waterworks and piping industries, and also other parts and industries like; winches, rail switch, heavy truck parts, pumps, valves, clamps for railcars, petroleum and gas, shoes for boilers, and more

ROLOG :: Metal products for the logging and forestry industries.

Industrial / Mining :: Cast and fabricated pipe fittings for distribution of oil, gas, water, etc.

Robar Industries Ltd.CALL for Information: BC Local: 604.591.8811

Toll Free Pacific & Central: 1.800.663.6553 . . . Eastern: 1.800.315.9525

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