A Division of Robar Industries Ltd.

Robar’s Goal is to make it easy for you to work with us.

We achieve this through effective communication, helpful feedback and the on time delivery of quality castings.

Delivery Our Foundry prides itself on a quick turn-around. From ‘concept to casting’, we strive to meet your requirements.
Response Our Flexibility allows us to rapidly accommodate changes in your needs.
Your Requirements To meet your material specifications and other product requirements, we cast iron and steel in a number of different alloys.
Abilities Our Foundry can handle single custom castings or large volume orders and we make castings sized from ¼ lb to 800 Lbs.
RFQ’s Please send us a drawing, along with your specifications, and we will quote you on Pattern (Tooling) costs, and castings in a multitude of price breaks that best suit your needs. We work with you to arrange a delivery schedule that best meets your requirements.
Customer Satisfaction We value the relationship we have with our customers. It is reciprocated and some clients have been with us for over 40 years.
Our Employees Our employees are our strength. Many of our employees have made Robar their career. Service lengths of 25 Years are not uncommon.
Custom Castings
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