ROBAR Industries Ltd. - Waterworks Manufacturing & Iron & Steel Foundry - SINCE 1958
Cast & Fabricated Pipe Products. We also manufacture Logging & Industrial products.

About ROBAR'S Industrial Division

We manufacture a wide variety of products for use in Industrial industries.
ROBAR's main plant in Surrey (near Vancouver), is a 50,000 sq. ft. facility employing 80 people.

LES PRODUITS INDUSTRIELS ROBAR INC. was opened in Boucherville (near Montreal), Quebec in 1994. This facility manufactures, assembles and stocks our full line.

Both facilities handle Industrial products up to *48" in diameter.
*For LARGER sizes please contact Robar sales for application.

This air release valve is a 6626 outlet sleeve
used for releasing trapped air inside a water line.

The expansion joints are manufactured by Robar steel
Penstock for adjustment due to the expansion and contraction forces.

Robar sleeve output of stainless steel used to release air trapped in a water line.

Tangential sleeve of stainless steel for drainage

36" x 48" Repair clamp installed on a
36" HDPE pipeline used for mine slurry disposal.

Industrial Products & Capabilities

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ROBAR began by manufacturing Repair Clamps. The process of manufacturing Repair Clamps, Tapping Sleeves and stainless steel Saddles starts at the “Brown-Boggs” Shear where the “body” is cut to size from a sheet of stainless steel. 

Our welders manufacture the “closures” which are an integral part of these products. Closures consist of assemblies called “Finger-bars” or “Bolt-bars." 

Stainless steel welded products are “Passivated” before final assembly.

30" Knife gate is installed with 2 - 30" couplings, that can be dismantled or installed quickly.


Most of ROBAR’s products require some form of rubber gasket in order to seal to a pipe. The majority of the gaskets fall into two classes. They are either “flat-type” gaskets or “ring-type” gaskets. Flat gaskets are used for products like Repair Clamps and Ring gaskets are used for Couplings. 

Some gaskets require the rubber to be pre-formed in the “Extruder”. 

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