ROBAR Industries Ltd. - Waterworks Manufacturing & Iron & Steel Foundry - SINCE 1958
Cast & Fabricated Pipe Products. We also manufacture Logging & Industrial products.

Robar Industries Ltd. is Canada’s largest waterworks manufacturer with
production facilities in Surrey, British Columbia, and St-Bruno, Quebec. 

We were founded in 1958 to produce a line of patented cast and fabricated fittings.

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We manufacture a variety of products
for the waterworks industry, including;

Repair Clamps
Tapping Sleeves
Flanged Coupling Adapters
Expansion Joints

ROBAR INDUSTRIES LTD. was founded in 1958 by Vern Barr, an inventive and dynamic person. It was during this time that he patented the first pipe repair clamp for the waterworks industry that has since become a commonly used product for pipe repairs.

Along with the repair clamp Robar also developed a complete line of pipe products including transition couplings, service saddles & tapping sleeves. As well, following an alliance with Baker Coupling, Robar can offer fabricated couplings and expansion joints for diameters up to 288 inches.

Robar prides itself on our industry leading service and our capacity to provide quality products, including ISO 9001/2000 certified castings and NSF approved fittings. We do this by having duplicate production and warehouse facilities, located, with our main office and foundry, on the west coast of Canada and at our eastern operation located in Quebec.

In 50 years of business growth, we have seen our products used in most municipalities across Canada and, as well, in many industries involving fluid distribution.

We have extensive experience in dealing with the many different types of pipe found in waterworks systems today.

Whether you need a 6 inch service saddle or a 144" fabricated expansion joint, you can rely on Robar to provide you with the product and service that your project requires.

Waterworks Products & Capabilities

Robar's main plant in Surrey, British Columbia includes a 55,000 sq. ft. facility that includes a fully functional foundry division, and a manufacturing division that has operations for gasket molding, paint & epoxy coating and, in addition a 16,000 square foot warehouse.

To better serve our east coast market, LES PRODUITS INDUSTRIELS ROBAR INC. was opened in Boucherville (near Montreal), Quebec in 1994.

This facility manufactures, assembles and stocks our full waterworks line giving Robar the ability to service customers on the east coast in an expeditious manner. Of most importance to us is the fact that we are a family owned company that manufactures all our products domestically in North America.
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ROBAR began by manufacturing Repair Clamps.

The process of manufacturing Repair Clamps, Tapping Sleeves and stainless steel Saddles starts at the shear where the "body" is cut to size from either a sheet or roll of stainless steel.

Our welders manufacture the "closures" which are an integral part of these products.

Closures consist of assemblies called "Finger-bars" or "Bolt-bars."

Stainless steel welded products are "Passivated" before final assembly.

Passivated refers to chemically treating Stainless Steel after welding ("Pickled/Passivated") to return it to its original appearance.


Robar manufactures all of the fasteners use on our products.

Our fastener division currently works with the following materials; HSLA, Stainless Steel and, Ductile in diameters up to 1.


Robar manufactures all of our gaskets used in our product.

The majority of the gaskets fall into two classes. They are either "flat-type" gaskets or "ring-type" gaskets.

Flat gaskets are used for products like Repair Clamps and Ring gaskets are used for Couplings.

As well, Robar is capable of utilizing different rubber compounds depending on your application.


Robar offers an experienced sales team across Canada to provide a dedicated service unique to each region.

As we continue to grow as a company, we are constantly looking for professionals to compliment our USA sales force in order to better service our customers in the USA markets.

These resources, along with a solid dedicated inside sales team, mean that, as a customer, you can depend on professional and courteous people when calling in with your inquiry.

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Robar Industries Ltd.CALL for Information: BC Local: 604.591.8811

Toll Free Pacific & Central: 1.800.663.6553 . . . Eastern: 1.800.315.9525

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