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Q: Do I need to know the OD of A/C pipe when installing Robar products?

A: It is always good installation practice to measure the OD of A/C pipe at the exact location where the fitting is to be installed (i.e., coupling, tapping sleeve, saddle, etc).

Q: How much Repair Clamp do I need to cover my repair?

A: We recommend using a clamp that goes 5" beyond the end of the hole/break on each side to ensure the leak to be stopped. More clamp is always recommended if there is a potential for further pipe deterioration around the repair.

Q: Can I use a Repair Clamp to join two end pieces of pipe?

A: No, Repair Clamps are not meant for connecting two pipes together. A Robar coupling is required when you are joining two plain end pipes together.

Q: What kind of deflection can I expect to get from a Robar coupling?

A: All of Robar's couplings follow the requirements set forth in the AWWA C-219. This standard governs the amount of deflection each coupling should be able to accommodate. If you have any questions regarding this standard, please contact Robar sales.

Q: Should I use a lubricant when installing Robar product?

A: Be sure that when installing Robar service saddles, repair clamps and tapping sleeves that there is no foreign debris (pebbles or dirt) on the gasket or pipe. Lubricate the entire gasket surface with a potable, NSF certified lube. ROBAR recommends SLIKSTYX

Q: What is the difference between a 6606 and 6626

A: A 6606 is generally used for "Hot Taps", and a 6626 is for "Dry Taps" only.

Q: Can I use a 6404/6506 tapping sleeve on PVC Pipe?

A: NO. The cast body is too rigid for PVC Pipe and is intended for rigid pipe such as Ductile Iron.

Q: I purchased a 6906 tapping sleeve, and there is a loose gasket in the box. Do I need it?

A: No. That gasket is just to protect the epoxy coating of the tapping sleeve during shipping.

Q: I purchased a multi-range coupling, and it will not fit the pipe. What is wrong?

A: Make sure that your pipe fits within the working range of the coupling. Always be sure that there is no foreign debris between the gasket and center ring. As well, be sure the gaskets are well lubricated and to torque each bolt to 80 ft-lbs in a star pattern.

Q: What size socket do I need for your products with a 5/8" bolt

A: 1 1/16"

Q: What is the difference between a 5606 and a 5696

A: The 5606 has a full wrap around gasket, and a 5696 has a partial gasket to be used to repair small punctures and pinholes.



Pipe Types - click for O.D. Chart

Steel Pipe/IPS
Ductile Iron/DIPS
Concrete Cylinder
Asbestos Cement

Torque Requirements

45 ft lbs.
2506, 2406, 2706, 5606 & 5696

80 ft lbs.
All bolted couplings, 2408, 2616, 2626, 2508, 5616, 5626, 5636, 6606, 6626, 6636 & 6676 & 7404/7506 (4 & 6" sizes only)

90ft lbs
6404/6506, 6808/6906 & 7404/7506 (8 to 12")

Gasket Materials

Robar Industries Ltd. offers many different types of gaskets depending on the type of effluent being transported in the piping system. We offer the following types of compounds depending on your application: SBR, NBR, EPDM, Neoprene and Viton


Robar offers two coating methods for your product application:

Shop Coat - Inhibits rust during transit
Epoxy - C-213 Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Product Code Table

All of Robar Industries Ltd. product numbers have a meaning.
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Delivery Information

Orders are typically serviced within a maximum of 5 working days for standard catalog items. Fabricated Steel products may take longer with shipping dates determined at time of order.

Rush Orders

At Robar Industries Ltd. we realize that piping systems can fail at the most inconvenient times, and as such need to be repaired in a timely fashion. If you find yourself in a situation such as this, contact Robar sales to service your needs in an expeditious manner.

Glossary of Waterworks Terms

Material Specifications

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