ROBAR Industries Ltd. - Waterworks Manufacturing & Iron & Steel Foundry - SINCE 1958
Cast & Fabricated Pipe Products. We also manufacture Logging & Industrial products.

Robar Waterworks TRADESHOW Info ...

Robar Industries endeavors to attend as many
trade shows as possible in North America.

Please look for us at the next trade show close to you.


Robar manufactures a variety of products for the waterworks industry, including;
Couplings • Saddles • Restraints • Repair Clamps • Tapping Sleeves,
Flanged Coupling Adapters • Expansion Joints
& Miscellaneous products.

Robar Industries Ltd.CALL for Information: BC Local: 604.591.8811

Toll Free Pacific & Central: 1.800.663.6553 . . . Eastern: 1.800.315.9525

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