A history of quality, reliability

As an ISO 9001: 2015 registered facility, the Robar foundry is focused on creating high-quality cast products made from a wide array of alloys using end-to-end manufacturing and production processes. Our foundry team is well trained and has adopted a strong focus on safety since we were founded in 1958.

Experience that drives innovation

With decades of experience as a BC foundry, we’ve developed a number of flexible, innovative approaches that allow us to meet the needs of a wide variety of national and international customers.

Using this customer-focused approach, the Robar foundry team is equipped to handle everything from single custom castings to large-volume orders, ranging in size from ¼ lb to 800 lbs.

We’re able to offer a complete range of casting-related services including:

  • Patterns – using a combination of in-house and contracted design and development, our Robar team provides hand-made patterns for small to large runs using a variety of materials that are designed to be the most appropriate solution for our customers’ component needs, depending on the volumes and level of precision required.
  • Molding facilities – while green sand molds are standard, we can also use chemically bonded sand to create molds, depending on customers’ technical requirements.
  • Melting facilities – our induction furnaces allow us to provide efficient, flexible production delivery times of multiple alloys on any given day. With multiple large furnaces (4,000 lb) and several smaller furnaces (1,000 lbs), we’ve got plenty of flexible production capacity.
  • Core facilities – we determine the appropriate core based upon our customers’ technical requirements, using no-bake, shell core or CO2 processes.
  • Heat treatment – using two gas-fired heat treatment ovens, we normalize, quench and temper, stress relieve and anneal our castings in order to produce the appropriate physical characteristics required.

Optimal value added

We also offer additional services beyond the essentials such as:

  • Coatings – we can provide paint dipping and epoxy coating facilities available in house to protect your casting.
  • Light forging shop – we also manufacture fasteners and have certain bolt heading, roll-threading and stamping capabilities available.
  • Rubber gaskets – using a variety of rubber compounds, we manufacture our own gaskets for custom products using everything from nitrile to EPDM. We’re able to produce special orders and custom shapes for non-standard items.

If you’d like to know more about why we’re the right supplier for your foundry needs, contact our Sales Team who will be happy to answer your questions.