With 60+ years of trusted product delivery, Robar has earned a reputation for long-lasting designs and products that help our customers reduce their down time and improve the safety of their operations. Some of the markets we’ve served include:

Water & wastewater infrastructure

We’ve got generations of planning and product development experience in water and wastewater, producing a full range of infrastructure products including:

  • couplings
  • cast tapping sleeves
  • service Saddles


As one of only two makers of log stamps in Canada, Robar has developed a growing line of more than two dozen Rolog products that include:

  • wire rope fittings
  • choker hooks
  •  malleable iron washers
  • cast and re-markable hammers are available

Many of our products are custom-designed for their application by our team.

Oil & gas

We’ve got a long history of experience in helping energy companies stay competitive and reduce down time through abrasion- and corrosion-resistant steels including:

  • wellheads
  • crankshafts
  • gearboxes
  • a wide variety of fittings

Rail transportation

As an ongoing supplier to the rail sector, we’re long-time producers of 20+ safety-focused products designed for industry leaders such as:

  • blocks (anchor, brace, capture & flare)
  • switch components
  • wedges


Robar produces long-lasting products for mining firms that are made to meet the demanding and unforgiving environments that mining machinery operates in:

  • pump accessories (baffles, casings & impellers)
  • rope & saddle clamps
  • links

Don’t see the item that you’re looking for in our summarized list of products? Contact us for more information about our custom-design capabilities.