Robar’s Rolog – Cast logging fittings

Safety first and foremost

Robar has developed a full line of high-quality Rolog cast logging fittings that are designed with safety in mind. Manufactured in British Columbia, these high-strength, high-quality products have been developed and tested in the field, and help forest operations across North America reduce costly down time.

Some of our more popular Rolog products include:

“Re-mark”able Log marking hammers – designed for performance and durability


Our Rolog log marking hammers come with a standard 24” hickory handle. These long-lasting hammers perform in the field and are known for their durability and ease of use.

Options make for flexibility

On top of our standard marking hammer, we offer a range of options including:

  • “Re-mark”able with changeable characters – why replace the hammer when you can replace the number. Also available with the top 1 – 2 numbers permanently cast, the bottom numbers can be changed in the field as needed.
  • “Re-mark”able or regular cast – with regular or non-slip handle
  • Regular cast hammers – available in regular weight or a lightweight version – as well as with blank heads or weld-on plates.

We can deliver any layout of numbers and letters within the sizes and options we offer, making it easy to customize the hammer you need.

Spiral ferrules – stronger than the ropes they secure

These high-strength cast steel ferrules are manufactured in our Surrey, BC plant and undergo all industry testing procedures to ensure they’re safe and secure. These ferrules are quick and easy to change – either in the field or in the shop – and are well known by forestry professionals for reducing downtime.

Options make for flexibility

Our ferrules are available in a wide variety of colours for easy cable identification in the field and sizes and have been tested with excellent results: in fact, a Nov. 1988 test showed that our 1-1/4” ferrule was intact when the test rope broke at a 153,358 lbs of weight. We also offer reusable graphitic ductile steel wedges for increased longevity.

Wedge ferrule assemblies

Available with either a bronze wedge or a ductile iron wedge, our wedge ferrule assemblies are North American made and are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours for easy identification in the field.

Rolog – a growing range of products

At Rolog, we continue to expand our line of cast logging fitting products, helping forestry professionals do their job safer and more effectively all the time. We also produce:

  • Choker hooks
  • Strawline hooks
  • Holdtight hooks
  • Twitch hooks
  • Skidder rings
  • Cast chains
  • Spiral wedge components
  • Ferrule components

For more details on our full line of products, check out our Rolog Product Catalog, or contact one of our Sales Team.